Seasonal flower dreaming – my workshop

Posted on February 11, 2015 in My workshop

I guess it is in me, or maybe in part it is learnt from growing up on the east coast of Australia, but one of the things I love most is being outside. Growing up in Australia jokes abound about the English weather, and it often surprises people that an Australian chooses to live in England – why would you leave the sun and endless skies of Australia! But I have discovered a love for the English weather driven by the clear shift in seasons. Though maybe I have in part also learnt this from my first two years of working full time in my flower garden on the family farm. As now I have learnt that part of my joy in working with flowers is working with the seasons, the colours, the textures and just being and making a new space – the flower garden – outside. And especially at times like this, in mid – late winter, I think largely about the unexpected unpredictability of growing flowers for your vision and your business, while I am obsessively list making for seeds, seed planting and planning the beds for the front flower field.

These realisations I translate to brides to be, that everything depends on the weather (though hopefully not in quite such black and white phrases). I often reflect on how it used to drive me mad when I would ask my partner, (farmer) James something about going somewhere or doing something, and the reply “…it depends on the weather” came! Although these late winter days are full of planning, spring cleaning, exploring all corners of the farm and hills around us, I was also eagerly awaiting the time to make plans for my new workshop for 2015. The renovation of an old rail carriage, is planned to sit side by side my haven of peace – my little flower hut, which currently sits by itself at the top of what is called ‘The Meadow’, (but the Australian in me unromantically calls ‘The Paddock’) at the front of the house. The architect in me, obsessed with planning finite goals, but living on the farm for the last eight years I am learning the fine art of patience…from James. With building projects to last a life time, my plans for my new workshop are finished, but it looks like I will be keeping them as work in progress for a few months to come. I’ll keep dreaming of my new workshop in the flower garden remembering better late than never, and for now I wanted to remind myself to appreciate the beauty of seasonal flowers from the garden in my current workshop – the old dining room in our house. All photos by the incredible Nic Rue.

Wildbunch wedding flower preparationSummer wedding flowers preparation from the gardenGarden style wedding flowersGarden style cut flowers from a Herefordshire farmWildbunch herefrodshire wedding flowers from the garden

Wildbunch flower hut

Garden style wedding flowers from a Herefrodshire farm

Wildbunch studio to be

Wildbunch wedding flowers from the garden

wildbunch sweet peas

Wildbunch workshop