Flower Workshops

Elemental Flowers at Wild Bunch

Like a thunderous autumn sky or a sparking spring shower, our home-grown flowers never fail to stimulate the senses and make us feel truly alive. At Wild Bunch we abandon ourselves to nature, and revel in the joy of being swept along by the elements. Riding through the seasons, we nurture our flower fields, orchards and woodland, using what we grow to create unpredictable and evocative floral designs that are in harmony with their setting.

We call the signature style Elemental Flowers and we bring it to life for you in our Styling the Seasons workshops. We’d love you to join us in the dramatic landscape where our flower farm nestles, and discover it for yourself.

What would Mother Nature do?

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What would mother nature do?

Styling the Seasons Workshop

At the heart of our Styling the Seasons workshops is the idea of provenance. You’ll learn how to explore the surrounding environment, recognize hidden treasures in each season and work with them to produce compelling floral designs with a sense of place and context.

Each season has a different palette of colour, texture and form, and we embrace this individuality in the mood and style of each of our classes.

Every season, and therefore every workshop, has it’s own unique personality. Choose the season that inspires you most, or go wild and take a chance on something you wouldn’t normally try. For a full year of inspiration, you can join us at all four of our seasonal workshops, or book at one to one at a time that suits you.